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The documented history of Chanderi goes back to the early 11th century and is a kaleidoscope of movement and activity prompted by its strategic location. On the borders of Malwa and Bundelkhand, the town dominated the trade routes of Central India and was proximate to the arterial route to the ancient ports of Gujarat as well as to Malwa, Mewar, Central India and the Deccan. Consequently, Chanderi became an important military outpost, prized by rulers with power or ambition, and repeatedly experienced the might of men who moulded the destiny of Hindustan. Several dynasties came to hold sway over the town - including the Malwa Sultans, Mughals, Bundelas and Scindias - making Chanderi a prosperous centre of economic and cultural activity. Chanderi is surrounded by hills, lakes and forests, and there are several monuments of Bundela Rajputs and Malwa Sultans.

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Radiant travels India

Chanderi is also famous for its brocades and muslins, especially for its handwoven Chanderi sarees. Here, master weavers use silk and cotton to create dazzling weaves, distinguished by beautiful borders. Usually in subtle hues, the Chanderi sarees have sophistication hard to match. They generally have a rich gold border and two gold bands on the pallav.